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The Radwinter Reredos is exciting interest throughout the County. A presentation will be made to the Saffron Walden Historical Society on May 24th and the Uttlesford Local History Recorders will be visiting Radwinter in June or July to see the Reredos and look at some of the interesting houses. An article has also been published in the February edition of Essex Journal.

Bronze Figurine Found at Radwinter

Saffron Walden Museum has successfully bid at a Bonhams auction for a bronze figurine of Celtic warrior discovered at Radwinter. The figurine measures less than seven centimetres high and shows a Celtic warrior dressed in a short tunic and ankle boots. It is believed to have been made by a native British bronzesmith during the days of the Roman Empire. Does anybody know where and when it might have been found?

Radwinter Archives

The new Archive Centre in the Village Hall balcony has been completed and a start has been made on transferring the archives.

At the time of writing, the inaugural meeting of the Radwinter Society has been scheduled for Thursday, February 26th. Do let me know if you would like to join. At the moment there is no membership fee and membership will not commit you to anything unless you volunteer. The Society, among other things, will be responsible s for looking after the archives. By the time you read this, it is hoped that the record card, currently under development my Uttlesford Local History Group, will be ready for use so that work can start on cataloguing the collection ready for the information to be put onto computer. The plan is to use the website being developed by Uttlesford District Council to host the Uttlesford Local History Database. Saffron Walden Museum will also be using the site so that anybody interested in Uttlesford History will be able to search the website online from their own home. There will also be links to a Radwinter website that is also being developed. If you do not have a computer or are not on-line, you will be able to access the information at Saffron Walden Library or, eventually use a computer at the new Archive Centre. The Village History Recorder will still be on hand to help the computer-shy.

New Archives Acquisitions

A further copy of the August 1961 copy of the Observer colour supplement has been donated to the Radwinter Archives as well as a collection of Radwinter postcards and large prints taken by the Observer and not previously published. A number of village scenes are depicted, including the Parish Council in meeting, the old Post Office and the Church. We are grateful to Mrs Joyce Jarvis for identifying the following inhabitants: Bertie Cox, Clifford Jarvis, David Bacon, David Smith, Dorothy Mascall, Elizabeth Richardson, Ethel Ludgate, Etheldreda Halls, Frank Fordham, Geoff Smith, Gladys Turner, Heather Turner, Herbert Richardson, Katie Newell, Mabel Richardson, Megan Buckman, Nellie Young Revd. Fred Smith, Robert Barltrop, Robert Dorking, Valerie Turner and Violet Turpin.

Census Searches

We now have the ability to search computer indexes for the Saffron Walden Censuses (which include Radwinter) for the years 1851, 1861, 1881 and 1891. The 1891 is available online to anybody who is connected to the Internet but the other years can be searched by the Local History Recorder.

Michael Southgate

Radwinter Local History Recorder

Tel: 01799 599478

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