28th October 2009.

BT Telephone Scam

Can I please remind you of the scam that I described to you in September, since we now have reports of this happening locally in Uttlesford.

Details are as follow:

A professional sounding adult male phones the victim stating that he is calling from BT Collection Service because money is owed to BT. The caller states that the victim’s bank has stopped Direct Debit payment and that outstanding monies are owed immediately and failure to pay will result in immediate loss of the telephone line. The amount owed is typically less than £10. The caller asks for the victim’s credit card details so that payment can be made. The caller also “proves2 he can easily cut off the victim’s phone, telling them to hand up and try dialling out. It is then believed he puts them on “hold” so that the line is still connected, but of course the victim believes their line has been disconnected. The offender then phones them back and again attempts to obtain their credit card details. The main object for the caller is not the payment of under £10, but the credit card information.

Please be aware that you should never give your credit card information over the phone to anyone who calls YOU.

Should you or any of your members receive suck a call then you should immediately contact the BT Nuisance Call Bureau on 0800 411 422.

If you have any information about this incident or have any information which you think might be of help to the Police, please call Essex Police on 0300 333 4444.

Many thanks,

Lindsay Baillie

Essex Watch Administrator, Uttlesford.

01376 556 232 / 07837 341 683


To check up on up to date, local Policing information, visit www.essex.police.uk. For Neighbourhood Watch information visit www.uttlesfordnhw.org.uk