The Chelmsford Police Call Centre is on 0300 333 4444

While it is the responsibility of the Police to fight crime they need help to identify where problems lie. The objectives of Neighbourhood Watch are:

Regular News Bulletins and Crime Protection updates are issued and selected relevant items are displayed on the Village Notice Board. These may, if you wish, also be sent directly to your email address or, if hard copy, delivered to your door.

Radwinter is divided into groups of houses of up to 30, or maybe a few more, and each group needs a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator who will introduce themselves to each of their neighbours. If receptive the Co-ordinator will provide an Info pack and advise on how to become an effective Neighbourhood Watcher.

The Radwinter Co-ordinator is James Briggs of Foxreach, Stocking Green 599352 who will be pleased to tell people more and who is their local Co-ordinator.

Tell the police if you see anything suspicious - phone the Chelmsford Police Call Centre 0300 333 4444

or email

Only in an emergency do you dial 999 and ask for the police.

Below are some links that may be useful.
1) Pages of the Uttlesford District Council website dedicated to community safety
2) The Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch website and the National site.
3) Alerts that have come from the police to Neighbourhood Watch
4) Essex Police.

The Uttlesford District Council website.
The Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch website
The National Website for Neighbourhood and Home Watch
Police Alerts
The Essex Police Website

Only in an emergency dial 999 and ask for the police,
The day to day number is the Chelmsford Police Call Centre on 0300 333 4444.