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Objectives of the Radwinter Times Monthly Newsletter

Parish Clerk needs Editor bring back to life.

Radwinter Times was a monthly publication delivered to each dwelling in the Parish of Radwinter, preferably by email. It was sponsored by Radwinter Parish Council

The main objectives were:

1 To let you know what is happening in Radwinter

2 To inform you of the dates of Parish Council and other Village meetings

3 To advise you of matters associated with Neighbourhood Watch.

Radwinter Times published monthly has ceased publication. The last was issue 27 for February 2014. All of the issues are published on the Village website, It was in part succeeded by Radwinter Observer which was mainly for Neighbourhood Watch of which there were 9 issues between Spring 2014 and April 2015.

Neighbourhood watch is a voluntary organization helping to create communities who care. We are looking for coordinators throughout the village to help get the scheme up and running in Radwinter again and houses to display NhW disc to deter crime in our Village. Please register your interest below.

Please also indicate your interest in Neighbourhood Watch. If all you do is to display an NhW disc this will help to deter undesirables.

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