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Radwinter Village Hall Charity

Trustees Scheme in detail Minutes Donations & Grants

Scheme adopted by Charity Commission 2 March 2011


The provision and maintenance of a village hall and other charitable purposes for the benefit of the residents of Radwinter.


The Charity shall be administered by 7 Trustees who shall meet at least twice per annum. The routine administration will be by a Secretary and Treasurer; these can be either trustees or paid or voluntary officers, working in conjunction with any established committee.


There will be 2 ex-officio, 2 appointed and 3 elected trustees. These are:

The Rector
The Chairman of the Parish Council
An appointment by the PCC
An appointment by the Parish Council
3 Trustees elected at the AGM

In the interim period until the first AGM, there will be 3 acting trustees, viz Mrs Susan Schneider, Mrs Shirley Orrock & Mrs June Tupper. At the first AGM they may stand for an elected trustee.

2 other trustees may be co-opted for a period until the next AGM.

A trustee may receive repayment of reasonable expenses but no other financial benefit.


The title to the whole village hall complex shall be passed from the Alms House Charity to the Official Custodian for Charities acting on behalf of the scheme.

Powers of the Trustees:

a) To provide and maintain equipment for the hall.
b) To appoint staff and pay suitable remuneration.
c) To take appropriate insurance cover as required
d) To raise funds, but not any permanent trading activity
e) To delegate any activity to a committee consisting of 2 or more trustees and any other suitable persons, such committee to regularly report.
f) To make any required rules and regulations consistent with the scheme.

Annual General Meeting:

1) The AGM will be held in April each year or as soon as possible thereafter.
2) All Radwinter residents over 18yo may attend the meeting and vote.
3) Trustees who are not residents have no right to vote
4) The first AGM should be in April 2011 or within 12 months. 21 days notice must be given.
5) The trustees must present reports and accounts of the last financial year to the meeting.
6) All decisions must be by a majority at the meeting.
7) Voting at the meeting may be by attendance or completion of a proxy form.

Use of income & capital:

The first duty is the administering the charity and managing its assets.
An expendable endowment may be undertaken
The remaining income may be used in furthering the object of the charity.

Sale of land:

The trustees may sell, lease or dispose of all or any part of the property if not required for use by the charity.