Radwinter Society

For the promotion and welfare of local history


 The Reading   Room and Telegraph Office, now the Village Hall and Post Office.

The beginning:

The Society began when a small group of Radwinter people met to discuss its formation in February 2004 and it was officially launched at a public meeting on Tuesday, 13th July 2004 in Radwinter Village Hall.

A constitution was adopted at the first Annual General Meeting in 2005 and, should the income exceed �1000, it is proposed to apply for charitable status.


Muniments Room

The Parish Council has developed part of the balcony of the Village Hall as a muniments room, to provide a convenient central location to store the village archives. We have been given a computer for use in this room will also apply for a grant for an internet ready computer that will not only enable records to be searched electronically but will also give people in Radwinter access to archive centres and other websites, including the SEAX search engine at Essex Record Office.

Archive Recording

An application has been made by the Radwinter Local History Recorder for funding to enable a database to be developed for all local history recorders in Uttlesford. Uttlesford District Council has agreed to host the database on their website so it can be searched by anybody with an Internet connected computer. We are in the process of indexing all the items in our substantial archives so that they are ready for entering onto the database.

Oral History

A project has begun to record people's memories of Radwinter so they are not lost to posterity. Grants have been obtained from the Essex Rural Renaissance Fund, Uttlesford District Council and Home Front Recall and a range of recorders have been purchased with additional equipment so that recordings can be transferred onto CDs. 

Radwinter School

Radwinter has a rich educational history thanks to the Bullock family and the dame schools which existed prior to the opening of Radwinter Church of England School. We hope to prepare a presentation on education in Radwinter that could help spark an interest by the younger generation in Radwinter's past.

Reprint of Radwinter 1900

Our millennium publication, Radwinter 1900, has now been fully distributed and quotations are being sought to obtain reprints. This will enable copies to be given to new residents and others can be made available for sale.

Second World War

Using the information from our oral history project and documents already in the Radwinter archives, at Essex Record Office and the Public Record Office at Kew, we aim to produce a publication on life in Radwinter during the War years.

Richard Drake

Work has started on a publication about Richard Drake, Rector of Radwinter from 1638 to 1667.  Drake was pulled from the pulpit and ejected from the church during the interregnum but was restored to his rights on the restoration of King Charles II. He left a dairy and an autobiography in Latin and a good Latin scholar is sought to help with translation.

Radwinter Footpaths

We have some good walks in and around Radwinter for which the Parish Council has obtained maps showing their location. The Radwinter Society has promised to help with mapping the points of interest along the walks and assisting in the production of a walks booklet.

Radwinter in Pictures

We have many historic pictures in the Radwinter archives and more are held by Radwinter inhabitants. These could be scanned onto a computer ready for publication. We could even commission aerial photography, and produce a CD for sale of Radwinter pictures past and present.

Houses Project

A �houses project� will encourage people to research their own house. Help can be given on how to set about it .

How you can help

Volunteers are required for a number of tasks, including telling our oral history team about their memories of Radwinter, sorting and recording the village archives, walking the footpaths noting points of interest and special views; collecting posters, programmes and notices etc. about Radwinter events; looking out for any document or item that may one day add to the history of the village, its activities and what it is like to live here; and recording people's memories of Radwinter, for which equipment will be provided.

People who can type and use computers will also make a valuable contribution to the Society. As time goes on, we hope to organise special projects for which volunteers will be needed.  Tasks for which Volunteers may be required could include catering, gardening and handyman work. Volunteers can also research the history of their own house and share the findings. Currently, we need people to help research aspects of  life during WW II, such as the school, the ARP, Food, Clothing and Rationing,  for a book on Radwinter at War

Should you have documents or possessions of historical interest to Radwinter we would like to know about them. If you wish to donate them to the village archives we would be delighted and will acknowledge your donation. However, if you wish to keep your treasured possessions, might we take a photocopy or a photograph?

Uttlesford Local History Recorders has purchased an archival quality A3 scanner that will protect photographs or documents while being copied. Radwinter Society has access to this facility via the Local History Recorder. At the end of the day, just knowing that Radwinter items exist may prevent them being lost to the village's collective memory.

Address for Correspondence:

Michael Southgate - Acting Chairman Radwinter Society.

The Cottage

Radwinter Manor


Saffron Walden Essex CB10 2SP.


We have several archived reports of the society that can be accessed from this link.