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The promised booklet on the Radwinter reredos has now been published and is available from Radwinter Church and Radwinter Post Office, price £2.50 or by post at £3.00 by telephoning me on the number below. The reception back into Radwinter church was recorded in the local press, including a full-page article in Saffron Walden Observer. An illustrated article on the reredos is also promised in the December issue of NADFAS journal.

An interest has also been expressed in obtaining a reprint of the Radwinter 1900 booklet, which has now sold its last copy. I am obtaining quotations to see if this is a practicable proposition.

There is reference in the Radwinter archives to there once having been a Radwinter barge book, said to have recorded the barges that used to come up the river Pant. There was also a stuffed white otter, said to have been the last otter to have been shot on the Pant. Does anybody know about this story or is able to suggest where these items may have gone? It was once said that they had been placed in the Bartlow Museum and that when that museum closed, the contents went to the Mack Collection near Holt. This route has been traced and it does not appear that they went there after all – unless you know better….

A new society has been proposed to look after Radwinter’s interests. With the new archive centre nearing completion in the village hall, there is a need to set up an organisation that can apply for funding for equipment, such as a village computer, so that Radwinter people who do not have their own, can locate Radwinter records and even search the web. Without a constituted society, we would not be able to apply to the Lottery or other funders. The Radwinter archives are not the property of the local history recorder and it would help their preservation if they were actually owned by a Radwinter Society. Of course some heirlooms people do want to keep but it helps if they are recorded so that future generations know that they exist.

The name and objectives of the society is still open for discussion. Certainly it can be responsible for all the history activities, including recording the memories of the older residents, but some people may want it to cover more, such as art or music. So far eight people have expressed an interest in becoming members and a meeting will be held to constitute the society formally once the record centre is ready. Do let me know if you if you have any ideas on what kind of society we should be or you would like to be kept in touch. I will contact anybody who is interested once we are ready to hold an initial meeting.

Michael Southgate

Radwinter Local History Recorder

Tel: 01799 599478

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