Chairman's Report

2009/2010 saw successes being recorded in nearly all areas by the small band of volunteers that comprise the Radwinter Recreation Ground Management Committee.

The Boxing Day walk continues to grow in what is a lovely way to stretch limbs and work off some Christmas pud' excess whilst taking the opportunity to catch up with friends and neighbours. Our thanks go to Robert Walker for planning the route.

The boot fairs that have been fairly lacklustre in recent years were rejuvenated by Sue Taylor and were well attended. This is an area that we would like to make more use of in future years to restore them to their previous levels of success. If it was not for Sue's efforts these would in all probability have withered on the vine.

The Duck Race was another resounding success despite the somewhat inclement weather and was very well attended. This rather idiosyncratic British event continues to develop in the most charming way and is a great collaboration by a number of people, but it would not be possible with out the kindness of the Parker family who allow us to host it and who continue to be the most generous benefactors to the village. On behalf of everyone who lives or has an interest in Radwinter I would like to thank the Parkers for their continued support in providing and maintaining wonderful facilities for the benefit of the village.

The fete enjoyed glorious weather and under Dixie Walker's stewardship was a larger and more diverse event. It was lovely to be able to show case so many local talents in the craft displays, our own superb village band and not forgetting our canine friends. This was in addition to the increased number of competitive stalls and familiar but welcome refreshments. It is our intention that the fete should continue to grow in breadth and depth each year so that it continues to be a meaningful contributor to funds, so that we may continue to maintain and improve the utility that the recreation ground provides to so many users. This growth requires an increase in volunteers and we will be looking to those who are the biggest beneficiaries of the rec to involve themselves fully.

On behalf of the committee I would like to congratulate all of the sports teams for their successes in pursuing a full sporting calendar and their many successes. The senior football team under Jim Solkhorn's outstanding management continue to go from strength to strength, carrying all before them. The Cricket Club revival under Brendan O'Brien continues apace and saw Radwinter field a competitive team in a full season of matches. The rounders club whilst small is a very friendly group of ladies and new members are always welcome. But, arguably the most exciting development has been the establishment of the Radwinter Colts football team, led by Mark Heath who exceeded all expectations in their first year of competition. We wish them and all sports clubs the very best of luck for the forthcoming year.

These successes have been somewhat off set by two notable areas. The first is the sports pavilion which is certainly no longer fit for purpose and urgently needs replacing. I am solely accountable for the slow rate of progress here and need to redouble my efforts in attracting funding. All the sports clubs in particular will have an active role in this rather fragmented process and I look forward to working closely with them in the forthcoming year.

The second area is that of the committee's own funding; despite the superb efforts in raising funds through the events noted above they are in something of a tenuous position being so reliant on the weather and just how much the small committee can achieve. A committed source of regular funds needs to be found to ease the burden on members and ensure the ongoing success of the recreation ground.